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Charity, Social Enterprise, Local Groups
Latest cPanel
upto 2 Websites
Let's Encrypt Free SSL
Free for Approved Charities, Social Enterprise and Local Groups
£10.00 GBP
StackPath Eco Hosting
uses Top Quality 20i.com Hosting
Solar Powered Energy Host
Unlimited Hosting
Fast CDN
StackPath Hosting
Can only be sold to Registered Companies, Social Enterprise
or Self Employed on providing details
Strictly for Professional and appropriate use only
Free Domain each year, when paid Annually
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Backup and Defender Plugin for 1 Wordpress Site
Ensure your WordPress Site is secure and backed up
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Community IT Support
Supporting IT remotely where possible
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StackPath Eco Hosting Purchase Direct
alternatively purchase via link we can provide and our Community enterprise receives 20 percent of future costs, all of which support our Digital Inclusion support